Hip Surgery

360 Med Care utilises patient specific data to improve the functional outcomes of those undergoing total hip replacement surgery. Combined with our patient partner program, surgical planning software, and delivery tools, we can positively influence the complete episode of care of our patients.

Functional Radiology

Prior to surgery, our patients undergo functional radiology to determine their unique positioning that can influence the surgical targets for the operation. Each individuals hip and pathology are different, and we recognise that a tailored functional assessment is essential to providing peak surgical planning. In addition to the hip, we include spinal-pelvic mechanics data into the algorithms that are used to predict the postoperative targets of a patients range of motion.

Surgical Planning Report

Our surgical planning reports assist the surgeon in determining the optimum positioning of the implants to restore the bio-mechanics of the affected joint. Each report is specific to each patient’s native anatomy and pathology, ensuring that the surgical team has the best understanding of what the patient needs prior to surgery.

Kinematic Range of Motion Analysis

The combined positioning of the femoral and pelvic components within a total hip replacement will impact the range of motion that can be achieved after the operation. Enhanced range of motion outcomes for a total hip replacement will improve the ability for the patient to return to their daily activities and potentially reduce the risk of impingement and dislocation events.

We appreciate that it is insufficient to analyse the kinematic behaviour of the hip from a static assessment. Integrating the unique patient data and positioning of the implants, we conduct simulated analysis of the postoperative state of the patient. By replicating functional maneuvers that are known to cause issues after a hip replacement, we can improve the effective range of motion of our patients, thereby improving their functional outcomes.

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