Patient Partner Program

The 360 Patient Partner Program is for patients who are having hip and knee joint replacement surgery within the next 6-weeks. Working closely with the orthopaedic surgeon, the program provides patients access to a pre and post-surgical rehabilitation program designed by a team of specialist Patient Partner Physiotherapists to optimise a patient’s outcome following joint replacement surgery.

Individualised pre and post-operative exercise and rehabilitation program

Surgeon endorsed program to facilitate optimal post-operative outcomes

Treatment plan updated to match your rate of recovery

Technology enabled to keep you connected to your surgeon and Patient Partner

The 360 Patient Partner Program has been delivered to thousands of patients since 2017 and has provided evidence-based treatment options to facilitate timely and optimised outcomes following total joint replacement surgery. The 360 Patient Partner Program forms part of the 360 Episode of Care Program that endeavours to help and improve the lives of patient’s transitioning through the various stages of the chronic degenerative disease known as osteoarthritis.


Your personal Patient Partner will assess and induct you before surgery to ensure you’re physically prepared. Additionally, the Patient Partner will offer mentorship and support in the lead up to surgery to manage expectations and offer support.


Upon discharge from the hospital, your Patient Partner will continue to lead the patient care and facilitate optimal patient recovery. Through the delivery of a patient-specific rehabilitation program, patients will remain engaged in their recovery and, where necessary, can escalate back to the surgeon for further consultation.

12 Months Post-Op

The Patient Partner and associated rehabilitation tools will be available to the patient for an entire year to ensure a smooth transition back to their pre-operative life.

The 360 Patient Partner Program is delivered via a combination of face-to-face consultations, telemedicine consultations, and daily patient monitoring technologies, with the patient and their Patient Partner Physiotherapist remaining in close contact throughout the duration of the program. All participants in the program are provided with a 360 Patient Pack to allow for constant engagement and monitoring of their condition pre and post-surgery.


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